ajactive: fitness classes for everyone, whatever your ability and experience we have a class for you! We look to help you improve your work life balance and wellbeing.

"I've lived in the historical city of Oxford all of my life and along the 20 or so years of teaching here I've made some amazing friends! I've been inspired by loyalty and commitment of people who've attended my classes, they keep me doing what I totally believe in, freestyle classes"

aj, founder of ajactive

" AJ and her team offer a range of classes, which will boost your energy levels, improve your fitness and that are, quite simply, great fun to participate in. She has a motivational, positive and individual style and will help you to build your fitness - If you do one class you will be hooked! "

Jo Copp, Nuffield Dept of Orthopaedic Surgery

Anginette Barton

T: 07796 053703     E: enquiries@ajactive.co.uk