why ajactive teaching?

#‘Freestyle’ aerobics is the foundation upon which AJ has developed her classes and reputation. It has enabled creativity and individuality to be freely incorporated into and encouraged within the classes.

#ajactive carefully choreographs each class according to level and ability, resulting in a unique, exciting, challenging and rewarding experience for the participant.

Please see opposite for further information regarding the teaching disciplines ajactive practises and endorses within every class:

Classes list

dance aerobics

Classes such as ‘Bums and Tums’ and ‘Sweat and Tone’ have between 25 and 35 minutes devoted to Aerobic movement. I have prefixed the ‘Aerobic’ with ‘Dance’ as the aspect of my classes is lightly dance based. The freestyle of how I put the class together means that my chosen choreography for each class I teach is aimed directly to the participants who attend on that day. My music also varies according to my participants’ level of fitness and stamina. 

I cue and lead throughout the class, enabling both new and experienced participants to access my choreography without fail, always aiming to teach and encourage every participant to be the strongest and most fluid they can be on the day. Along with awareness of posture and inner release of stress, I also encourage the willingness to enjoy one’s own amazing body (though without the narcissism, of course!!). 

Aerobic training is great for cardiovascular strength and stamina, targeting legs and gluts and incorporates an amount of sweating, on a good day!

step dance aerobics

Similar to Dance Aerobics only on a Step board. Choreography is structured to work with the Step so I offer different levels of classes. For new participants it is a good idea to start by taking part in a basic Step class to learn the names of certain ‘moves’. Again I cue and lead the choreography throughout. I find participants are ready to learn a new routine every 5-6 weeks; it also helps to maintain the stretch in the learning curves and not to get complacent with the same foot patterns. 

Step training is good for cardiovascular strength and endurance, toning up legs and gluts and burning off many calories, how many is up to you!


Without a doubt, pilates is the most popular of all the classes that I teach. The need for core training is very much on the increase as is the increase in back ailments. Pilates is about improving the strength of your internal back muscle which is done by working on your transverses abdominis and pelvic floor muscles. The classes I teach are mat based with variations of small Pilates equipment; blocks, the circle and resistance bands.  Pilates can help you to understand how to use the body better in every day life. It will help to work the postural muscles, lengthen the muscles and focus on simply breathing better.

The classes all have complete cross sections of abilities and very often include people with injuries or who are pregnant. I will always give many variations on the postures we’re using and encourage mind and body awareness so everyone works to their own pace and ability. Pilates can be started at any age and at any fitness level. For great results as little as one class per week can make the difference to your body.  The results are addictive though . . . so if you’re happy being creeky and achey.....!


The style I teach has influences from mainly Ashtanga and Iyenger. I have sequenced postures together so the class flows and opens up the body in a sensible manner. I started teaching the positions from a fitness perspective and to enable people such as myself, who do a fair amount of aerobic activity to access the great feeling of their muscles being lengthened. That said, as I continue studying the Ashtanga practice, my teaching has altered with the patience which has been paid back by steady improvement in the holding of the postures. I now find teaching and encouraging the steady calm of the mind the more important feature of yoga. The delayed-gratification of achieving your goals helps the mind to focus on the breath and still element (quieting the chattering mind) of the mind. 

I like to teach to all levels of ability in non ranking classes and give options depending on the participant’s natural range of strength and suppleness. I always encourage self awareness, listening to your body and taking breaks if desired. The class also features some breathing exercises at the beginning and relaxation at the end, enabling you the chance to to lie down and unwind!


The Pulseroll™ is a step up from a foam roller that you would use to release muscle tension after exercise. The difference with the Pulseroll™ is that it gently vibrates as you apply the tension and helps to alleviate the tension quicker by the vibrations speeding up the muscle release and not just working from the point of contact but also the vibrations spread throughout the whole muscle area. The Pulseroll™ is not a substitute for massage or physio exercises but an addition to helping release pain and discomfort sometimes due to over training or old niggly injuries, it is something that you can access in your own home in your own time and feel instant difference to how your body feels.

The difference in coming out to the Pulseroll™ class is that you will spend the time on focusing on the whole body, sometimes we only concentrate on our worst body area and the body itself always needs to be addressed as a whole to remember our attention to our postural alignment and our habits which can sometimes be root of our muscle pain.


Originating in German physiotherapy, flexi-bar® is an effective way for all ages to add the benefits of vibration training to a workout. Swinging the flexi-bar® sends gentle vibrations along the vertebral column. This in turn releases tension between the disc spaces making the back feel fantastic! The movement of the bar is activated by the connection of the core muscles (transversus abdominis) which stabilise the torso and in turn allow the upper body muscles to be toned up.

I pace the class alternating between one minute of using the bar and one minute where squats and lower body exercises allow for the upper body to relax. The class accesses the complete muscle range in the body and is an ideal workout for people wanting to tone up or returning to fitness training. While the class is not cardio based, you will find the heart rate increases and you sweat a fair amount!

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