classes for all levels

#ajactive offers an extensive range of classes, from high impact cardiovascular to non-impact strength building workouts, which are suitable for all levels of ability

#All of the ajactive classes are meticulously choreographed and designed by AJ, incorporating the ‘freestyle’ approach

#ajactive ensures the most up to date and beneficial training techniques are consistently practised within classes, guaranteeing the ultimate workout

#Learn more of the ajactive teaching disciplines and what is exactly involved within each class (click here »)

cardio classes


all levels of choreography:
bums & tums (all levels)
sweat & tone (all levels)
sweat & Pilates (all levels)


2 levels of choreography
basic step & abs (all levels)
step & tone (all levels)
step 2 (inter/adv levels)

non-impact classes


all levels of ability and fitness:
yoga (all levels)
yoga-pilates mix (all levels)


all levels of ability and fitness
pilates (all levels)
yoga-pilates mix (all levels)
flexi-bar®: all levels of ability and fitness
flexi-bar® (all levels)

personal training

There is a growing demand in personal training due to suiting the specific need’s of the individual. ajactive can adapt to whatever your specific training requirements are.

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personal training

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