Tan Lea

I have been attending classes for over 15 years now and it is not an exaggeration to say that they have transformed my life. What is different for me about these classes is that it doesn’t matter what level of fitness and ability any of us are, all levels are welcomed and encouraged and yet the standards of the classes are consistently high and challenging, so we are all tested to our own limits. Please don’t share this with anyone else but I am naturally uncoordinated with no sense of rhythm and yet even those aspects of my abilities have gradually improved over the years.

Another unique gift from AJ is that there is never a sense of plateau - she always finds the next challenge and the next little mountain to climb - what this has helped me to develop is a much greater sense of being able to do something that had at first appeared to me to be impossible and when you can transfer that ‘can do’ approach to other challenges in the rest of your life, that too is hugely empowering.

I cannot recommend the team highly enough and in particular the talents, leadership, artistry, warmth and inspiration of AJ - this is also a chance to say a big thank you to all the team. All of you out there please come and join us!

“all levels of fitness and ability are welcomed and encouraged

...the standards of classes are consistently high

...there is never a sense of plateau”

Chris Dalton

I have been attending AJ's pilates class for over three months now. My partner encouraged me to attend with her and I agreed after she kept raving how good the teacher was and how pilates helped her back problems. AJ is a remarkable trainer. She has unending patience and no matter how many people or how many abilities there are in the room her voice has a way of finding you and speaking directly to your level. This knack of knowing exactly what to say to allow you to 'get it' for yourself is what has made her pilates class unmissable for us and Gina now also takes AJ's step and flexi-bar classes.

“AJ is a remarkable trainer...
has unending patience... and
her pilates class is unmissable”

Kay McArdle

AJ's pilates class at the Old Fire Station on Thursday lunchtimes is absolutely perfect for me. It fits right into my working day and is a welcome break from the office. I go back to my desk refreshed, relaxed and full of energy! I've seen rapid improvements in my fitness, flexibility and posture thanks to AJ's outstanding teaching and encouragement. A brilliant class, highly recommended and ideal for all!

“I've seen rapid improvements in my fitness, flexibility and posture thanks to AJ's outstanding teaching and encouragement”

Jo Wainwright

I have lived in different parts of Oxfordshire and have attended gym/aerobic classes, but never any class that compares in originality, choreography, style and general enjoyment factor to AJ’s. My personal favourite is the Step class. I come out of the class feeling invigorated, sweaty (who needs a sauna or a detox!), and generally much better about myself than when I went in! I hope I’m still doing them when I’m 70!

When my husband wanted to move out of the City, I said I would not move anywhere that was not within cycle or walking distance of attending AJ’s classes.

“I have never attended a class that compares in originality, style and general enjoyment factor to AJ’s”

Oliver Barbey

Having never done classes like pilates and yoga before I did not think I would enjoy them. A few years down the line, I can’t imagine a life without going to AJ’s classes. Her teaching has sorted out my back problems, helped with my migraines and improved my flexibility for football and squash. AJ makes sure that you understand all the required techniques, adapts the classes to your level and is always more than happy to help with extra advice. I would recommend her classes to anyone.

“AJ makes sure that you understand all the required techniques and adapts the class to your level”

Angie Chapman

This is written on behalf of three of the more mature ladies in the classes (one over 50, the other two over 60), who whilst doing the class still feel as young as the rest (even though we might not look it!). We have all been doing classes with the girls for more years than we care to remember, in fact, we were probably in the very first class they ever taught. Not only do we have enormous fun but also we have met some great people over the years, some of whom have become good friends, including instructors. All this plus we are keeping ourselves fit, which of course is the main object. Here's to the next ten years or maybe more, girls!

“Not only do we have enormous fun but also we have met some great people over the years”

Annabel Goss

I have been a big fan of AJ’s aerobics for over ten years now and I have never been to a class with more of an adrenaline buzz!  AJ’s energy and enthusiasm gets behind every member of each class and pushes us all a bit further across the floor.

“AJ’s energy gets behind every member of each class”

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